Saturdays and Sundays in the Studio

Thanks to the generous and ongoing support of Anne Safranyos and family, we're excited to announce Saturdays AND Sundays in the Studio are back at AWE! Join artists Jonathan Blanco Berrera and Ray Syd Stern and create your own masterpieces! 

To Participate: 
  1. All participants are encouraged to pre-register online. Drop-in between 1-4pm on Saturdays. 
  2. This program is free with admission to AWE and open to all.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the AWE Code of Conduct
  4. Questions? Email Sophie Hinch, Education and Public Programs Coordinator at shinch@agw.ca ​

Saturdays in the Studio! with Jonathan Blanco Barrera

  • Saturday, August 6 - What is clay modeling? Discover clay and carving tools to create a bas-relief sculpture.
  • Saturday, August 13 - Back to Basics: Learn clay basics and create your own pinch pot and coil bowl.
  • Saturday, August 20 - Practice Makes Perfect!: Polish your bowl making skills and create a clay masterpiece using molds.
  • Saturday, August 27 - Slippery Situation: Create a clay container using a plate and liquid clay glue, or slip.

Sundays in the Studio! with Ray Syd Stern

  • Sunday, August 7 - Funky Hanging Planter Pots: We will be decorating terracotta planter pots with tissue paper, creating a colorful and textured design. The pots will be hung in hand woven twine hangers.
  • Sunday, August 14 - Tiny Tambourines: Using aluminum bottle caps as bells, we will combine elements of sound with raw and recycled material to create a functional percussion instrument. Decorate and/or personalize it to your preference and then jam rhythms together as a group.
  • Sunday, August 21 - Paper Flower Bouquet and Flower Crowns: A gift that never wilts! Fun to make with items that are easy to find around your home, we will be creating 4 styles of flowers and arranging them in either a bouquet or crown. Use it as a centerpiece at home, wear it, or give it as a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Sunday, August 28 - Shaker Maker Maracas: Using hollowed coconuts, build and assemble your maraca, experimenting with pellets and sound. While the maraca sets, apply paint and decorative scarf to your instrument. Class ends with a group jam!